Annie's Story

This year at Norfolk Public Schools, we are taking our vision statement a step striving to Be Outstanding! To be outstanding means to be exceptionally good, masterful, superb, extraordinary, distinctive, and magnificent. This means all staff will focus on growth and development of all students and empowering them to reach their highest potential.  

This also means setting high standards for everyone and constantly seeking ways to enhance teaching and creating positive classroom environments where every child feels safe, welcome, supported, and successful.

At NPS, we believe this collective commitment to Be Outstanding has the power to create a ripple effect that will reach far beyond the walls of our classrooms…By inspiring our students to dream big, believe in themselves, and strive for excellence in all that they do.

By choosing to be outstanding, we believe that we can ignite our students’ passion for learning and make a lasting impact on their lives!

We have an outstanding example of one of our exceptional students at the middle school, Annie, and two outstanding teachers, Mr. Ginn and Mr. Dreher. When Mr. Ginn learned Annie required an alternative method to play the guitar, he and Mr. Dreher immediately sprang into action. Through the work of 3-D printers and several iterations, they successfully designed a device that enabled Annie to master the art of playing the guitar. 

Due to grants, generous donors, and our NPS Foundation, we are able to make what seems like an impossibility come alive in our Norfolk Middle School STEAM Room  We have staff and students 3D printing:

Shapes and manipulatives for math to measure area, volume, surface area and more
Fidgets for students who need a little extra to slow down their mind and movements
Bathroom passes for teachers
Pencil/pen holders in classrooms for lost pencils
Guitar picks for music class
Replacement parts for a clarinet that was broken, and yes, the clarinet is able to be played successfully and in tune
Students are able to hold cell parts in Science classes and the Great Sphinx in World Studies class
Rollers for rolling out clay in Art 

At Norfolk Public Schools, we focus on doing what is best for students and what allows them to be as successful as possible. We appreciate the generous support of our community partners, whose contributions have made it possible to have these items that are benefiting so many students each day, just like Annie.