Registrations are now able to be completed online for new students in Kindergarten thru 12th grade. If needed, registrations can be taken at the NPS Central Administration Building in the Office of Student Services. In all cases, if registration is completed by 12 noon on one day, the student may begin school with the start of the next school day. If registration occurs after 12 noon, then the student can begin classes on the morning of the second day following enrollment completion. This process allows for appropriate and timely student and family information to be entered into our school information system (i.e. class schedule, activities, hot lunch, etc.).

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Registration Requirements

  • A child must reach the age of five years on or before July 31st of the current school year to be eligible to enter kindergarten in the public schools. A child who reaches six years of age prior to January of the then-current school year, is required to be enrolled in school, according to Statute 79-201. If parents are uncertain which school their child will attend, they may call the Norfolk Public Schools Central Administration Building at 402-644-2500 for attendance centers by location.
  • Parents must provide copy of the child's state issued birth certificate, or other proof of the child's correct age and a written explanation of why the birth certificate is not available. This documentation is needed to register any student.
  • For children born in Nebraska, a state-certified birth certificate may be obtained by sending $17.00 to: Bureau of Vital Statistics - Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Box 95065, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5065 or Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, 209 North 5th, Norfolk, NE 68701 (402-370-3124). Birth certificates may also be obtained online at https://www.nebraska.gov/hhs/birthcert/birthapp.php.  Please include the following information with the $17.00 payment: Child's full name, birth date, city born in, county born in, hospital born in, father's full name and mother's full maiden name.
  • Nebraska law also requires evidence of a physical examination by a qualified physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner within six months prior to the entrance of a child into kindergarten and the seventh grade, or in the case of a transfer from out-of-state to any grade level.
  • Nebraska State Statute requires students entering kindergarten (or first grade, if not enrolled in kindergarten) to provide evidence of a vision evaluation within six months prior to entry. This requirement also applies to out-of-state transfers to any grade.

Registration Forms
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Kindergarten Registration & Round-up

Kindergarten Early Entrance
Families who seek early admission of their child into kindergarten must obtain an Early Entrance to Kindergarten Packet from the School District Administration. The assessment request, reference letter and parent questionnaire must be completed and returned to the District no later than April 1st.  This request may be made to the Director of Student Services at 512 Philip Ave along with the assessment fee of $50.00. Early entrance to Kindergarten is considered for a child who will reach the age of five years on or after August 1 and on or before October 15.  

 Early entrance to Kindergarten details may be found in School Board Policy 5001.