Boundary Exceptions

 Boundary Exception Application

Principals and secretaries will check home addresses of pupils carefully to be sure that pupils are residents of the school district and are in the proper neighborhood school building. Verification of family residence may be requested. All requests for exceptions to boundaries are to be submitted to the Director of Student Services on the appropriate application form. Boundary exceptions are reviewed and approved prior to school beginning, once the enrollment in each building has been confirmed.

 Criteria for acceptance:

  1. Open enrollment in grades requested. 

  2. Housing/relocation. 

    • Will be moving into subdistrict. 

    • Moved outside of neighborhood school during the current school year-may remain for the balance of the school year only.

  3. Sibling currently enrolled and attending in the requested K-4 elementary school.


Criteria for denial:

  1. Enrollment - Classroom enrollment is at the capped number. 

  2. Revocation due to habitual tardiness or absence - following protocol as established under Excessive Absences (pg. 10)

  3. Special Needs--Special Education or English as a Second Language classes. 

  4. Ongoing or reoccurring discipline issues


Classroom enrollment caps are set at 25 students for kindergarten and at 30 students for grades 1-4. If the class size reaches 5 less than the maximum limit for any classroom, no boundary exceptions will be approved.

Once a Boundary Exception has been approved, it will remain in effect for this student for the balance of his/her elementary school years. Each child in a family will need to apply for a Boundary Exception. In other words, if you have a child who currently or in the past attended a Boundary school, that doesn't mean that a sibling, who will start in the current school year or later, will be automatically accepted. This approval will be dictated by the number of registered students for that grade level in that building. One Boundary Exception will be granted to a child unless the family moves and the new residence is in another Norfolk Elementary School boundary.  A new Boundary Exception will need to be completed if the family wishes to remain in the Boundary Exception elementary. 

The school retains the right to reassign/revoke or deny any Boundary Exception for students or families through the provisions set forth in the Student Rights and Responsibilities for Norfolk Public Schools should tardiness/absence problems persist. This action may take place at the end of the first semester or at the end of the school year.  These provisions may not apply to students who require English as a Second Language or Special Education programs.