Option Enrollment Program

      Student participation in the Option Enrollment program will be determined according to the guidelines listed below, as well as those in NPS Policy 5006, Nebraska State Statute 79-232 to 79-246, and Nebraska Department of Education rules and regulations.
      The NPS Board of Education sets the maximum number of Option Enrollment students that can be accepted each year at the preceding October Board meeting. These determinations are based upon the capacity and projected enrollments of programs, classes, grade levels, and school buildings. Capacity for special education services shall be determined on a case-by-case basis. Once a program, class, grade level or school building reaches capacity, it is considered "closed" to Option Enrollment students. Student attrition shall not create Option Enrollment vacancies during the school year unless the Board of Education waives the "closed" status and considers applications on an individual basis.
      An exception to the "closed" status is available to students who change to a residence outside their home district at anytime during the year, including the summer months, but are enrolled in the Norfolk Schools as a resident or option student for the immediate two (2) years preceding the date the application for Option Enrollment is made. Option Enrollment paperwork must be completed, but the option will be approved.
      Students who change to a residence outside their home district during the school year, that have not been enrolled in the Norfolk Schools for the immediate two (2) years preceding will be allowed to finish the current school year within Norfolk Public Schools, but will not be eligible for an exception. Option Enrollment paperwork must be completed, following our regular Option Enrollment rules and procedures.
     Option Enrollment forms must be signed by both the resident and option school district Superintendent and submitted to Callan Collins at the Central Office Administration Building, located at 512 Phillip Avenue.
      Once accepted, Option Enrollment students are treated as resident students and are expected to follow all rules, regulations, and expectations set for resident students.
      The student's building assignment, as well as classroom and grade level assignments, will be determined by the Administration.

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Norfolk Public Schools Option Enrollment Program Capacity 2024-2025