Textbook and Classroom Resource Selection

The process to select a major resource to support classroom instruction includes multiple steps. There are a large variety of materials available for purchase. Selecting the right one to meet district needs requires intentional research. 

There are published sites that rate the effectiveness and appropriateness of materials. What Works Clearinghouse and EdReports are two examples of education material review sites. NPS uses those sites to begin narrowing down resources for selection. Instructional samples are ordered and reviewed by instructional leaders and teachers. The following pictured sheets are templates used as ranking sheets to determine the fit of the textbook with the district needs. At this point, if a textbook item is still under consideration, sales reps are invited in to present on their product. Teacher teams decide on next steps which may include piloting of the resources in a section of the district. Some decisions based upon the course and grade level take more time and research to determine if the textbook should be recommended for purchase to the BOE Curriculum Committee.


This is a basic guideline for researching and gathering information for making a sound resource decision.



Norfolk Public Schools Resource Matrix





Norfolk Public Schools Textbook Compatability Matrix











Admin Rule and Guidance for Policy 6300 Selection of Media Materials