Target-Based Teaching & Grading

Target-Based Grading Video Explanation (K-8) 3 min 
Target-Based Grading Video Explanation (K-8) Spanish 3 min


Target-based grading was adopted as a District Strategic Action Planning Goal in 2018. The recording of target-based grades began in 2019-2020. Courses and grade levels will gradually be implemented as curriculum development is completed with supporting assessments and proficiency scales. 

NPS courses are going through systematic changes that shift from traditional grading to target-based grading. The above scale provides equitable reporting of grades for GPA calculations for 9th through 12th grade. There will be gradual transitions in courses starting with elementary grades and a progression to older grades. A timeline for TBG timeline implementation can be found on the Teaching and Learning tab on the district website. 

How is Target-Based Grading Different from Traditional Grading?

Target-based grading communicates how a student is performing on a set of clearly defined learning targets. The purpose is to identify what a student knows, or is able to do, and provide each student with meaningful feedback about his/her performance. Target-based grading tracks a student’s progress towards proficiency, so that a student can reflect upon his/her own progress, identify areas for improvement, and engage in additional learning opportunities to reach proficiency. This process promotes a growth mindset in students. 

Target-Based Grading Tentative Timeline of Implementation:

Before target-based grading can be implemented into a course, quality, aligned learning targets, proficiency scales and assessments must be developed. The following is a chart that shows the intended timeline for implementation, however variances may occur and parents will be notified at the beginning of each school year what courses will be included in the target-based grading system.