About Us

August of 1988, Woodland Park Elementary School was opened. At the time the school was on the east edge of Woodland Park, but with the construction of new houses it has become more in the center of the community. The school is in Stanton County, but it is part of the Norfolk Public School system, and all the 5th grade students go to the Norfolk Middle School.

Approximately 224 students attend Woodland Park Elementary. We have two classes for each grade First through Fourth grade, and three Kindergarten classrooms. Special programs such as Title I, Special Education, and Deaf Education are available for those students who require these resources, as well as a school counselor who is in our building four days a week. “YKids”, a child care program that is provided in our school gym by the YMCA is available to the students before and after school. Woodland Park Elementary is a caring school community that believes all children can learn and succeed.