Welcome to our new website!

Norfolk Public Schools is excited to have a new look, including logo and website! Here are a few highlights of the changes we've made:

New brand/logo introduction

To stay current and reflect our forward-thinking organization, we are introducing a new brand to Norfolk Public Schools. The centerpiece of the redesign is our new logo. We chose the compass design to represent our commitment to providing students with learning opportunities to help them reach personal goals. Nothing prevents success for our students!

Improved navigation and site organization

The new NPS has a simple, intuitive design, making it easier to find events, lunch menus, and other important information.

School homepages

Each school now has its own page, easily accessed in the 'Find Your School' menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Here you can find information that is specific to your child's school.

Mobile/tablet optimization

Not only is the website easier to navigate, but we made sure that visitors could access it from any mobile device. This means that you can find any information you need, no matter where you are!

We look forward to hearing feedback from you. NPS is excited to better serve its students through our new website!