NPS Honored By Governor Ricketts

Norfolk Public Schools awarded the Governor's Wellness Award.

Governor Pete Ricketts announced this week that Norfolk Public Schools will receive the Governor's Wellness Award. The school district is part of a prestigious group of 250 businesses statewide to have received the Governor's Award designation since 2007.

NPS's Wellness Program has been in place since 2010. The district was recognized by the Governor with the Wellness Sower Award three years ago. This year NPS will be recognized with the second level award, the Grower Award. The Grower Award recognizes that the organization "grows the seeds of wellness" by showing significant health improvements through empowerment of staff. In the announcement letter received by the district from Governor Ricketts, he said "By meeting the standards for this award, Norfolk Public Schools demonstrates leadership and vision to implement comprehensive worksite health promotion initiatives that positively affect the health, productivity and bottom line of your organization. Most importantly, Norfolk Public Schools has provided an opportunity for employees and families to live a healthy life and improve the quality of life for Nebraskans."

The school district will be recognized at one of four banquets hosted across the state this fall. The award designation is valid for three years.

"Norfolk Public Schools has great participation in our Wellness Program. We are very pleased that 57% of our district staff have chosen to participate in our wellness activities. One of our favorite events that we have offered the past few years is our Annual Wellness Fun Day. Fun Day is held on the afternoon of the last day of school, after students have dismissed earlier that day at 11:30 a.m. The event is held at Skyview Lake Park and participants can choose from a Run/Walk, Frisbee Golf, Bocce Ball, and then enjoy some healthy snacks. It is a great day of fresh air, friendships, and attention to wellness."
Kathy Mizner, NPS Wellness Team Member

"The Wellness Program at Norfolk Public Schools is organized by a group of volunteer staff members that believe health and wellness is an important part of life. These staff members from across the district meet 5-6 times a year to look for ways to promote a culture of wellness within the school district. In addition to the Annual Wellness Fun Day in the spring, we also offer a Panther Fitness Challenge competition each January. This friendly competition between individuals and school buildings encourages healthy eating and healthy weight management. Participants have a great time working together to start the new year with healthy choices."
Tricia Nathan, NPS Wellness Team Member

In addition to these fun activities, the district also participates in the Educators Health Alliance (EHA) Wellness Program. This program shares quality wellness information such as healthy recipes and exercise tips for staff members of educational entities throughout the state. Also, the district encourages staff members to consider participating in the local PATCH Health Fair. Participating in all wellness activities is completely voluntary and a great benefit of working for Norfolk Public Schools.