Lincoln Montessori Elementary in the Spotlight - 'Focus on Students'

Each year we give a short presentation to the Norfolk Board of Education to showcase what Lincoln Montessori Elementary has been doing, which we refer to as Focus on Students.  In October, we shared with them what happened this past winter break 2015.  Blake Easland asked his parents for an Osmo. Because of a promotion from the company, when the family purchased one Osmo for Blake, they received credit for another Osmo that would be donated to the school of their choice. The family chose Montessori as that school.

The students and the teachers love to learn with the Osmo. Because of the generosity of the NPS Foundation, Montessori now has six Osmos for students to use. Students' favorite activities on the Osmo include Tangrams (works with shapes), Masterpiece (a drawing app), and the fourth graders love to use it for coding. The next activity we'd like to buy allows students to create and run their own pizza restaurant!