Woodland Park Elementary in the Spotlight - 'Focus on Students'

Each year we give a short presentation to the Norfolk Board of Education to showcase what Woodland Park Elementary has been doing, which we refer to as Focus on Students.

On the first Monday of every month at Woodland Park Elementary School, students who have excelled in academic performance and citizenship skills are honored with student of the month awards.  Each month students perform character education presentations for the rest of the student body to teach Lifelong Guidelines.  Students from Mrs. Anderson's 4th grade class provided a description of next month's Lifelong Guideline on Trustworthiness.  They also dramatized a book called 'The Emperor's Seed'.  This book illustrates the importance of being trustworthy.  An emperor is looking for a successor and provides a seed to many children stating that whoever can grow the best flower will become his successor.  All of the children bring back beautiful flowers except one, whose flower would not grow.  Turns out the emperor had given all of the children spoiled seeds and this child was the only honest one in the bunch.  Needless to say, he was chosen as the emperor's successor.  The students asked school board members for examples of people they trusted and why being trustworthy is an important Lifelong Skill for leaders to have.  This provided an opportunity for school board members to share some wonderful advice back to the students.