ESU 8 Quiz Bowl Champions

Quiz Bowl team members from Norfolk Middle School and Norfolk Junior High competed in the ESU 8 Quiz Bowl on Tuesday, March 7th in Neligh.   Congratulations are in order for all who participated!  The teams well represented the Norfolk Public School District. 


The Norfolk Middle School team won three rounds of competition providing all with some nailbiting - right down to the last of 5 tie breaking questions!  Norfolk Middle School Quiz Bowl is coached by the HAL (High Ability Learner) teacher, Mrs. Nancy Boche.    

Team members from the Norfolk Middle School team include:  Tania Vitales-Kadlec, Phoebe Matson, Kaydon Kettler, Ultan Kienbaum, Layla Hernandez, Isaac Ferguson, Aidan Dunbar, Nate Buettner, Jack Borgmann, Calvin Empkey, Logan Bosh


The Norfolk Junior High Quiz Bowl team confidently won the entire competition eliminating teams from all over Northeast Nebraska and bringing home some nice hardware!!  They, too, provided some tense moments for the audience as the last couple of rounds were close.  The team is coached by the HAL/STEM teacher, Mrs. Beth Gentrup. 

Team members from the Norfolk Junior High Champion Quiz Bowl team include: Jagger Spiering, Griffin Saunders, Diamond Schulz, Cody Hilliard, Wyatt Mead, Brayden Heffner, Carter Hattery, Adam Gamerl, Logan Jensen, Haley Sterud Trevor Eisenbraun, Brandon Aguirre